4 things to look for in a digital staffing solution you can trust

When the success of your business depends on your operations, how you find workers reigns supreme. Many companies have relied on traditional staffing agencies to fill their open jobs. Yet, online job marketplaces have come to the forefront in recent years to provide solutions that staffing cannot offer. 

Companies entering the future of work have already shifted toward these tech-enabled solutions. Others are still weary due to debunked misconceptions (such as a loss of human touch or a lack of specialized talent). These misconceptions continue to exist because, in truth, not all digital solutions are the same. 

For businesses that are eager to optimize their process of finding workers (or curious about how), there are four things to look for in choosing a trustworthy solution.

4 Things to look for in a digital staffing solution you can trust

1. Quality, specialized talent flocks to the platform. 

Executives may think digital platforms won’t understand the nuances of their specific industry or only have access to easy-to-fill admin or jobs where minimal experience is needed. This isn’t the case with all solutions. Look for those that can show you they have more to offer regarding finding talent, from quality to specificity in your market. 

“Some executives believe that traditional agencies provide better access to top talent,” says Eve Smith, the Co-Founder of PrintKK, a print-on-demand service. “However, tech-enabled platforms often have vast networks and use data-driven algorithms for precise matching, ensuring clients have access to high-quality candidates.”

Seek out a solution that gives you a peek into the talent pool using their platform. 

2. They neatly integrate human touch.

If a group of business-decision makers got into a room to discuss tech-enabled staffing solutions, losing a personal touch would likely be the primary concern. But there’s a way to have both. Jess Munday, the Co-Founder and Head of HR at Custom Neon, a company that creates custom LED signs, notes that executives worry technology may overlook the personality aspects critical when looking for workers.

However, this fails to see the reality that smart tech-enabled platforms combine human knowledge and data-driven insights to offer a comprehensive, efficient process for finding workers without sacrificing the essential human elements.

Look for a solution that uses tech to make a complicated, challenging process easier — while keeping it human. How? Assess how often workers return to use the solution (aka, how easy it is to use), how you can customize your brand (to attract culture and industry fit), and what communication and onboarding look like. 

3. They seamlessly interact with your existing processes.

With busy workloads and timely operational needs, it’s only natural to fear the time it could take to learn and work with a new platform. Yet, not all tech-enabled staffing solutions come with a steep learning curve or the need for a complete overhaul of existing processes. 

Look for solutions that won’t take you away from your larger business goals and get you closer to them by easily integrating solutions into current processes and staying available for support beyond implementation. Consider, too, looking at case studies of companies with similar sizes and setups for perspective.

4. They enable your growth with transparent and real-time insights. 

A trustworthy digital staffing solution isn’t a gatekeeper; it offers real-time reporting so you can make important decisions as the need arises. Look for a solution that gives you visibility into workers so that you can scale up and down as needed. Look, too, for a solution that is transparent in its pricing model so that no surprises hinder your staffing growth.

Having these insights easily accessible means avoiding asking a representative or waiting for a monthly report. You can use the data you have in front of you to make the proper staffing moves both in the short term and planning for the long term. 

Simplifying the way forward

It’s possible to find a tech-enabled staffing solution that offers access to quality talent, embraces human touch, aligns with your processes and values — if you know what to look for. And if you are looking for a partner who does these things, see how Wonolo makes connecting your company to the future of work easy.