Identity of HR 2024: Zeroing in on retention, culture

Economic, cultural and political headwinds are always changing and, with them, the state of the human resources profession.

As budgets tighten, so, too, does hiring.

As priorities change and companies focus on retention, culture and benefits come to the forefront of talent strategies.

As legal challenges target diversity, equity and inclusion practices, DEI departments find innovative ways to create safe and inclusive spaces for employees.  

The fourth annual Identity of HR survey’s results show that HR professionals are focused on efficiently creating value for both the company and its employees and are finding creative ways to do so. From offering nontraditional benefits to rebranding DEI efforts, HR pros are zeroing in on culture and maximizing dollars. 

In the below stories, HR Dive breaks down those survey results and shares insights from industry experts, leaders and stakeholders. These stories not only highlight trends in the industry but also offer advice on how to react to and anticipate them.