What are ‘moments that matter’ at work — and how can you make them count?

As gatekeepers of workplace culture, HR professionals (better yet, people experts) recognize the importance of nurturing each moment of the employee experience (EX).

At Workleap, we believe simplicity is key to building a strong employee experience. And we also know that a great EX leads to better performance. Seriously, it isn’t just good PR. Gallup lays it out clearly: companies with highly engaged employees are 23% more profitable. This is why we create simple, intuitive software designed to help HR leaders master the employee journey from start to finish.

But before you start searching for tools to help you foster a well-rounded EX, it’s essential to take a step back and really understand the employee experience and the journey people go through at work. This is what we refer to as the moments that matter the moments within the employee experience that can make or break an organization’s ability to attract, engage, and retain the best talent, which impacts overall business performance.

All in all, a great employee experience enables people to work at their best and win as a company. So, let’s talk about the moments that matter most in EX and how we can make them count.

The moments that matter

The key touchpoints of the employee journey (the moments that matter) are critical to shaping the employee experience. They influence employees’ attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions of their workplace, ultimately impacting their performance.

Capitalizing on these key moments allows us, the people experts, to pinpoint opportunities to improve understanding, confidence, and performance and, ultimately, build lasting teams.

Moments through onboarding

Onboarding not only introduces new employees to workplace culture but sets the tone for the entire employee experience.

An effective onboarding process accelerates productivity and provides a true sense of purpose and belonging. Every onboarding moment should be well thought-out, personalized, and streamlined — demonstrating our commitment to our employees’ successes.

Onboarding moments that you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Peer introductions
  • Orientation activities
  • Digital experience and tools

First impressions matter make it count.

Moments through impactful training and development

EX is more than free pizza or flexible schedules great employees crave professional challenges and development opportunities. HR’s job is to meet these needs to build lasting, loyal relationships with our people.

Memorable training and development moments:

  • Interactive learning
  • Career growth milestones
  • Improved tools and resources

Continuous learning fuels growth, job satisfaction, and retention. Supported employees thrive, performing better and staying longer. It’s about investing in our greatest assets: our people.

Moments that empower via feedback and recognition

Open and continuous feedback is at the core of performance management and leads the way towards improvement. Paired with recognition and encouragement now that’s a recipe for success.

These moments allow managers and employees to work together better by sharing perspectives, ideas, and solutions. That said, a third of employees wish they had more feedback.

Make these feedback moments count with:

  • Performance reviews

  • Casual check-ins

  • Team shoutouts

By prioritizing feedback and celebrating successes, we’re showing our commitment to employee well-being and highlighting collective wins.

Moments that build engagement and job satisfaction

Engaged and fulfilled employees are at the heart of performing teams. They’re passionate about their work and committed to contributing to the bigger picture. Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report says it loud and clear: engaged employees thrive at work.

But what do moments of employee engagement and professional satisfaction look like today?


  • Collaborative projects
  • Participation in decision-making
  • Opportunities to lead

Moments that matter facilitate meaningful connections, growth opportunities, and support through it all and motivate everyone to show up at their best.

Pro tip: The right tools can make creating engaging moments possible, even across remote teams. But more on that in the next section.

Employee experience technology: A strategic partner to help you make the moments that matter count

It’s one thing to identify the moments that matter at work. It’s another to get each one right. But the real magic happens when you connect all the dots of EX, gather feedback, and adapt your strategy continuously.

However, with fast-evolving industries and changing EX standards, employee experience software can make all the difference.

Modern and user-friendly solutions, like Workleap software, help prioritize the moments that matter in your organization, fostering a more well-rounded workplace culture and achieving sustainable, long-term success together. Plus, they integrate within existing HRIS systems.

If your EX hasn’t embraced the digital revolution, why not simplify matters, and take the leap forward?

At Workleap, we’re big believers in people as the way forward for all businesses. How about you? Follow us on LinkedIn to keep the conversation going.