LinkedIn launches new internal mobility and career development tools

LinkedIn is launching new learning and hiring tools to match employees to internal jobs and help them get discovered by internal hirers, according to a March 6 announcement.

On LinkedIn Jobs, employees can now receive alerts about new internal roles and express their interest, which then passes into LinkedIn Recruiter, where hiring teams can see internal candidates’ interest immediately. On LinkedIn Learning, employees can also find internal roles, learn about the top skills they’ll need for those roles and locate courses to build those skills.

“I’m excited to share that these features will be rolling out this month to all customers using both our hiring and learning products globally,” Jill Raines, director of product management at LinkedIn, said in blog post.

The Next Role Explorer is intended to be a dynamic career path visualization tool that recommends potential next roles to employees inside the company based on their current title and career goals. The tool points employees to customizable role guides that outline the specific skills needed to succeed in a role. 

After that, employees can receive personalized learning plans to track their progress on the most important skills needed to advance their careers. The recommendations will include both hard and soft skills that employees can learn to grow and get promoted.

“Especially in the age of AI, when jobs are changing on us even if we’re not changing jobs, these tools can help organizations align skill development to what their company needs,” Raines said.

LinkedIn continues to build on features to promote internal mobility, urging leaders to “make it part of their holistic hiring strategy.” In 2022, the company created a new spotlight for internal candidates on LinkedIn Recruiter and for internal jobs on LinkedIn Learning, as well as an option for workers to set career goals and assess their skills.

Although internal hiring can save money and boost retention, the practice has declined in recent years after a spike in 2020, according to an analysis from The Josh Bersin Co. Internal hiring also leads to better company culture and time-to-hire rates, Bersin said, noting that “now, more than ever, there needs to be a culture of movement inside the company.”

HR teams can use internal mobility to build a talent pipeline, which is a major priority for many talent acquisition teams in 2024, according to a Symphony Talent report. Employers can use an internal career site to communicate open positions to workers and encourage internal mobility.