L&D pros report median $100K salary and say work is part of their identity

Learning and development professionals report a median $100,000 salary and say their work is a large part of who they are, according to a May 23 report from Training Industry Inc.

But in the organization’s survey of more than 370 training professionals, respondents said salary didn’t affect job satisfaction much. Instead, the findings suggested L&D pros prioritize self-improvement and employers that their growth.

“Training professionals want to be more than order takers; they want a seat at the table,” Alyssa Kaszycki, learning product manager at Training Industry, said in a statement.

Overall, the vast majority of L&D pros said they felt a sense of identity and satisfaction with their work and agreed their job was a big part of their identity. About a quarter said they worry about job security, and about a third said they often think about leaving their company.

The median salary for a training professional was $100,000, which varied based on job title, industry, department, company size, L&D team size and professional development, according to the report. The median range stretched from roughly $75,000 for facilitators and content developers to $124,000 for training directors and chief learning officers.

The highest-salaried learning pros had several aspects in common, such as participation in professional development, including both internal and external training. They were also more likely to hold a master’s or doctoral degree, complete a professional certification program, have a leadership position with direct reports, have more experience and work more than 40 hours per week.

Looking ahead, most training pros said their main career goal was to become a director of training or chief learning officer.

To demonstrate ROI, learning leaders may need to clarify L&D metrics, according to a report from McLean & Co. L&D teams should also establish the purpose of measurement and incorporate key players, the company said.