Generative AI skills bring nearly 50% salary bump: Indeed

Dive Brief:

  • Job seekers hitting the market with generative AI skills command an average salary boost of 47% compared to competitors without them, according to an Indeed report published Wednesday. The company reviewed job posting salary data on its platform.
  • Technology workers who are competent in generative AI can expect average salaries of up to $174,727, according to the company’s analysis.
  • Generative AI sits alongside other key skills earning job seekers a salary premium including deep learning, computer vision and knowledge of specific software languages and frameworks such as Rust or PyTorch.

Dive Insight:

The job market fluctuations of 2023 are giving way to more stability this year, as enterprises resume once-deferred projects and spin up AI implementations. Job seekers with tech chops benefit from these efforts amid a shortage of specialized talent.

Data scientists, machine learning engineers and software engineers are some of the roles that require these sought-after skills.

Half of the highest-paid skills in tech are AI-specific, which suggests that job seekers with AI skills can stand out in a competitive job market, and potentially earn more than their counterparts,” the company said in the report.

Employers across sectors of the economy had nearly 400,000 active tech job postings in January, an uptick of nearly 34,000 from the previous month, according to CompTIA data

The scarcity of AI-related tech skills available in the market is causing a rift between talent demand and supply, said Brian Jackson, research director at Info-Tech Research Group.

“The number of data scientists available on the market, people with that real mathematical level understanding of how to model data, and bring in data warehouses… that’s a big talent shortage,” Jackson said.

Enterprise leaders can address the talent gap through upskilling and training opportunities. Despite interest in these opportunities, less than 1 in 4 developers say their employers provide time for upskilling or learning AI skills, according to a HackerRank survey