Finding workers is complex, but your solution shouldn’t be

It’s natural for business leaders to want to stick with what they know. But what many business leaders don’t know is that there’s a better way to find workers — one that removes complexity and adds simplicity. Because the process is often complicated, and it doesn’t have to be. 

It can get even more complicated when seeking a specific skill set, wanting to scale quickly, or needing to fill a quota. Traditionally, many businesses outsource the problem to staffing agencies. That’s certainly not out of the norm. But you must ask yourself, do you want to be normal or extraordinary at finding workers? 

If it’s the latter, it’s time to consider adding a tech-enabled staffing solution to your HR tech stack. Before you object, let’s dissect common misconceptions to break down how a digital solution simplifies and streamlines, enabling you to scale effectively.

It’s too reliant on algorithms. 

Some executives fear online job marketplace platforms might be too reliant on algorithms, potentially missing nuanced company needs. Fair! Many companies are too dependent upon algorithms, but there are also tech-enabled solutions that don’t rely on algorithms for connecting businesses and workers and know how to mix technology without sacrificing the human experience.  

When used thoughtfully and responsibly, tech enhancements like algorithms, automation and machine learning can be the lever you pull to hire more efficiently. Research shows that recruiters that embrace automation have a 64% higher fill rate and are 55% more likely to report significant revenue gains in 2021. Rely on data rather than hearsay. 

It’s a steep learning curve.

Some business leaders worry a tech-enabled solution comes with a steep learning curve or will require a complete overhaul of existing processes. The right digital solution integrates seamlessly with your current systems and processes — while helping you trim the unnecessary and add simplicity. (Think complement versus complex when reviewing options.)

For example, when Jimmy Johns implemented Wonolo, their operations team was able to eliminate the need to review resumes and schedule interviews and streamline multiple solutions in a single platform, with the added benefits of providing real-time visibility into their jobs that netted qualified and reliable workers — no learning curve required.

It’s only good for seasonal jobs.

A common misconception is that tech-enabled staffing solutions are only suitable for jobs with readily available talent, like on-demand workers or entry-level talent. Those who stick with believing that miss out on a broad group of experienced and qualified workers who prefer to use a digital solution they trust. 

As Robert Hourie, founder of Elwood Roberts, a creative recruitment agency, points out, “It’s never been easier to find talent. It’s getting the talent to talk to you is the problem.” And it’s no surprise talent is skittish to chat, especially given that 92% of candidates say they’ve experienced poor recruiting practices at some point in their career. 

One of their biggest complaints is that it takes too long. Tech makes it far faster. Creating an easier way for workers to find a job alsomakes it easier for companies to fill different types of jobs, whether they have part-time hours or temp-to-perm opportunities. 

It’s unfamiliar.

People often say, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” because what’s familiar feels good. But wouldn’t it also feel good to improve it? 

“Executives may stick with traditional agencies because of feelings of familiarity and perceived reliability,” says Teresha Aird, Co-founder & CMO of, the home of office rental online. “These reasons make sense, but they overlook the benefits of efficiency, broader talent pool access and advanced analytics that tech-enabled companies can provide.” 

While familiarity may feel good now, optimizing staffing, getting transparent pricing and accessing diverse talent pools by going digital will feel better in future returns.  

The uncomplicated truth

Finding workers and scaling your company does not have to be complicated. As Eve Smith, Co-Founder of PrintKK, a print-on-demand service, explains, “It’s essential for executives to explore tech-enabled options to stay competitive in today’s job market.”

For businesses that want to simplify while scaling and optimize while growing, it’s time to see the truth behind the misconceptions and take advantage of tech-enabled benefits. If you want to see what that could look like for you, allow us to show you. Learn more about the Wonolo difference.