EEOC names Sivaram Ghorakavi its first chief AI officer

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission appointed long-term information technology specialist Sivaram Ghorakavi to be its first chief artificial intelligence officer. 

Sivaram Ghorakavi



Ghorakavi also will serve as the agency’s deputy chief information officer and will manage daily IT operations, provide leadership for technology projects and partnerships and lead agency tech innovations and partnerships, according to a news release.

The creation of the chief AI officer role is in response to President Joe Biden’s October 2023 executive order on the “safe, secure, and trustworthy” development and use of artificial intelligence that, among other directives, required all federal agencies to name someone to oversee the use of AI, EEOC said. 

“The success of this role depends on helping people understand both the benefits and risks of using technology, including AI, to ensure it is used in the right places at the right time and in the right amounts to enhance EEOC’s ability to operate effectively and to enforce key workplace protections,” Ghorakavi said in a statement. 

Ghorakavi has worked in IT for the federal government for the past 15 years. Before joining EEOC, he served as the chief architect and chief data strategist for the National Labor Relations Board and as an IT portfolio manager at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.