6 stories on how DEI leaders are holding organizations accountable

Despite an evolving political and social landscape, executive strategies that center environmental, social and governance factors are likely here to stay — including pay based on diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

WTW consultants said late last year that ESG continues to factor strongly in executive pay plans, most especially regarding human capital concerns (the social aspect of the acronym), even as political backlash rose against it. A more recent WTW report seemed to confirm the earlier prediction: More companies are indeed tying ESG metrics to executive compensation.

But will DEI remain part of that calculation? While some have stayed the course, others are removing the DEI metric, indicating that DEI is already “ingrained into their culture.”

Below, HR Dive gathered six stories on DEI accountability. While many involve executive compensation, it is not the only lever that organizations can pull to keep leaders accountable for progress. Read on to explore stories on ESG, diversity data gathering and measuring DEI goals.