AI in HR: Biden’s executive order builds on AI regulation

Dive Brief:

  • President Joe Biden issued an executive order on Monday outlining “safe, secure, and trustworthy” guidelines on artificial intelligence use
  • The executive order also requires leading AI developers to disclose safety test results with the U.S. government and that engineers “develop standards, tools and tests” around AI ethics. More specific to the manufacturing and STEM fields, the executive order seeks to limit risks around “AI-enabled fraud.”
  • This is another development in the changing face of AI at work. 

Dive Insight:

Underscored in the executive order is the idea that “irresponsible uses of AI can lead to and deepen discrimination, bias, and other abuses in justice, healthcare, and housing.” Prior to the Oct. 30 executive order, the Biden-Harris Administration issued a separate order cracking down on “algorithmic discrimination.” This is noteworthy for HR pros given that talent acquisition is the main AI battleground.

Biden’s word of advice to employers? Support workers’ right to collective bargaining, along with AI upskilling. 

Regarding workers’ rights, the president’s administration said that HR can address “labor standards, workplace equity, health, and safety, and data collection,” among other issues. Per the order, it’s crucial to study AI’s possible effect on the labor market in one’s industry, and continue to follow best practices promoting more good (“innovation and competition”) than harm (ethical concerns and “job displacement”).