2024 HR conferences to pitch your boss

With the return to the office comes a conference revival, too. Many sessions for heavy-hitter HR conferences are packed out — in fact, HR Dive staff have attended many a session that is standing room only. Virtual sessions are still en vogue, too, but a lot of hybrid conferences put an emphasis on the in-person experience: panels that are exclusive to IRL attendees, for example, or flesh-and-blood networking hours instead of stilted breakout rooms and bare-bones chat boxes.

In a post-quarantine world, there’s a real hunger for opportunities to feed off the energy of thousands. Likewise, conferences provide an excuse not just to jet off to lively locales, but to meet co-workers outside of the pixelated rectangle on your screen.

To help you plan for 2024, HR Dive compiled a list of the top conferences for HR professionals, people in the human capital management space, recruiters and DEI consultants.

HR Conferences 2024