AI curiosity is an opportunity for employers to offer L&D, report says

While close to three-fourths of workers surveyed are already using generative AI, or GenAI, in the workplace, less than half are receiving any guidance on it from their employers, according to a report by the Adecco Group released Oct. 5 — but this means employers have an opportunity to invest in relevant upskilling that will engage workers.

While leaders are more likely to receive AI guidance, less than a third of nonmanagers receive guidance at all, the report said. But 57% of workers surveyed said they would like to receive AI training.

“Only 7% of workers believe GenAI could cause them to lose their jobs, though recent estimates indicate that over 300 million jobs worldwide will be disrupted by AI in some way. To bridge the gap, [organizations] must urgently deploy upskilling measures at scale,” according to Adecco.

Notably, employers have the opportunity to offer training in myriad topics in response to the AI trend. A majority of workers surveyed said that they believe human skills will remain more influential in the workplace than AI, particularly emotional intelligence, empathy and interpersonal skills; employers can offer training and development in all of these areas, Adecco noted.

And employers that offer training may have a leg up in retention efforts. While Adecco said there was a 10-point increase in workers saying they want to stay with their current employers for the next 12 months, a majority of workers said they only plan to do so if they have access to training and career progression, the report said.

“In a world being disrupted by technology, talent remains a true competitive advantage; the companies that focus on their people are most likely to ensure the future-readiness of their [organizations],” Denis Machuel, CEO of the Adecco Group, said in a statement.

Studies have long shown that employers that cultivate a culture of learning and development see better talent results in the long run. Especially in questionable economic times, companies that focus on developing talent will also perform better than their competitors in profit, a McKinsey Global Institute report released in February found.