Kraft Heinz dips into generative AI with employee tool for data analysis

Dive Brief:

  • Kraft Heinz is building an internal generative AI tool for its employees, the company confirmed to CIO Dive Monday. Helen Davis, SVP, head of North America operations at the company, spoke about the development of KraftGPT, the company’s colloquial name for the tool, initially at a conference earlier this month. 
  • “We’re currently in the development phase for the app, working through things like language translation tables for seamless communication with and understanding by the platform,” Davis said in an email. “We do already have an internal website platform that is up and running as well as user groups testing and training the platform.” 
  • The company’s goal is to use the technology to help gather real-time insights and information across its supply chain to inform employees while making strategic decisions, Davis said. 

Dive Insight:

Kraft Heinz is in pursuit of a familiar goal associated with generative AI adoption: expand data-driven insights to employees in real time. 

The promise of boosting employee efficiency and reducing tedious tasks is alluring to tech leaders and employees. Nearly 3 in 4 workers use generative AI tools for data analysis and visualization, according to an Insight Enterprises survey.

“Anytime you can make people more productive and solve problems right away without having to go get a data scientist or some type of tech person, it’s better for the organization as a whole because those experts can now focus on the next big thing,” said David McCurdy, chief enterprise architect and CTO at Insight Enterprises.

Kraft Heinz data scientists are using Microsoft Azure OpenAI tools and internal data in conjunction with proprietary AI models, recommendation systems and risk classification systems, according to Davis. 

The company is in the early stages of testing and has no definitive timeline for the rollout. 

Kraft Heinz joins a growing group of enterprises exploring how generative AI can benefit business operations. More than 2 in 5 executives say their organization is piloting generative AI, an October Gartner survey found. Another 10% of organizations are in the production stage.